Bagworm Control

Tree Bagworm Control

Above- Bagworm on a Leyland Cypress

Successful Bagworm control is all about timing of treatment. We prefer a two treatment program for managing damaging bagworm populations.

Why two treatments? The goal is to treat the immature worms as they emerge from their egg sack in the bags. Just like a nest with bird eggs, they never hatch all at one time. Two treatments cover the early and later emerging bagworms. We can gain excellent control with this management strategy.
*Ask us about our low impact treatments for bagworms. Our treatment uses a biological bacteria that only targets bagworms. It is derived from a natural soil dwelling bacteria and is extremely effective, with no impact upon birds, fish, or mammals.

Bagworm Facts
The Bagworm, is the larval stage of moths native to the Eastern Shore of MD & VA.  Bagworms are very common on Delmarva and populations can build up rapidly to become serious pests of trees.
Plants Attacked
We typically see most damage on evergreens and conifers such as Juniper, Arborvitae, Fir, Pine, Hemlock, Cypress, and Spruce. They will also infest deciduous trees of several species.

Life Cycle

  • Winter  The eggs over-winter inside the bag made by a previous year's female.

  • Spring Egg hatch occurs from late May to Early June, at which time the larvae crawl out in search of food  " Your Plants". Each construct a small bag around its hind parts with silk and plant material
  • Summer Feeding, growth and molting continue until August, at which time the mature larvae attach themselves to twigs. They close the bag and reverse themselves so that they are head down in the bags. They remain there for about a month as pupae.
  • Fall- During September and October, the female releases a sex attractant pheromone and the males leave their cases and fly to the female bags to mate. Females lay 500-1000 eggs in each bag. There is one generation per year on Delmarva.

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